Session Topics


The topics of the conference will include issues such as:

  • Water balance between atmosphere-stand-soil;
  • Interception;
  • Stemflow;
  • Impact of pollutants on water management of plants;
  • Water resources;
  • Water reservoirs;
  • Water energy;
  • Water pollution;
  • Protection of water environment;
  • Freshwater ecology;
  • Water processes occurring in river and mountains streams;
  • Flood events; Erosion processes;
  • Soil retention;
  • Irrigation of forest nurseries;
  • Bio-Hydro-physical soil properties;
  • Soil hydrophobicity;
  • Drainage systems for forest roads;
  • Technical solutions for rainfall-induced landslides management;
  • GIS in BioHydrology; BioHydrological modeling.


University of Agriculture in Krakow
Anna Klamerus-Iwan, PhD
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